Drive your online revenue by a simple chat button

Do you know that a simple chat button on your website can totally revolutionise your revenue? It might be a small chat button but it can make a big difference. When you have a chat icon on your website you tell your visitors that you are just a click or a tap away in case they need your help. It conveys to them that some real person or persons are running the business and it hasn't just been left there to fend for itself once it has been developed and uploaded. It tells your customers that your website is not set on autopilot.

Chat Button

More than just an icon, a chat button is sign of our times

People these days, especially the younger generation, are not used to making phone calls or writing emails. Although most of the business communication still happens via telephone and email, day-to-day interactions have been replaced by chat messengers and live chat applications. It is just so easy to start a chat conversation. More than being easy, people are so used to it. By default they assume that the ability to chat is there. So when they come to your website, they are already in that particular frame of mind that when they need to chat with you, they should be able to do so and the chat button gives them the right message. For most of them, surprise is not that you have a chat program on your website; surprise is that you don't have one.

It is not just a small chat button, it is a great power

Can you imagine how powerful a chat window can be? As soon as it becomes visible on your website, people can contact you. Sometimes they instinctively click the chat button simply because it is there and this opens up floodgates of opportunities for you because the more people engage with you, the more customers you can get for your business. Even if people don't immediately turn into paying customers and clients, just the fact that they have contacted you has set in motion a process that will sooner or later turn into business.

All over the Internet shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 60%. This means, if 100 people want to purchase from you, 60 among them are going away empty-handed due to some reason. What is the reason? Without directly asking them, you can make thousands of guesses and one of those guesses might be right. You can avoid having to make those thousands of guesses by having a live chat application on your website. This way, many among those 60% will reach out to you before leaving. If they are facing a problem, if they have a question, if they have suddenly developed an apprehension, they can sort it out by contacting you. Maybe there is some confusion that you can help them get rid of by simply providing answers to their questions.

Click4Assistance provides not just pretty but intelligent chat windows

Perhaps your visitors is struggling to make credit card payments In such a case, your operators can advise and point them in the right direction, but should they share too much information with your advisers and share their credit card details, our 256 bit encrypted chat solution will hash out their numbers so their details remain safe. Such a simple step, just by installing a chat program on your website.

How difficult or easy is it to get a live chat application for your website

As mentioned above, the chat button is just a tiny representation of the massive opportunity of engagement and communication that you get for your website when you install our live chat application. The getting part is quite easy. Just go to our website – – register over there, follow the steps in your confirmation emails to download the software and add the script to your website and you’re ready to go. That’s it, the entire process takes 5-10 minutes and the chat window becomes visible on your website.

Chat Button

Chat Button