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Live Chat Software for Website Analytics

Take your website to the next level with a deeper understanding of how visitors find you, and what they are doing while on your website.

live chat software for website

KNOW your website

Click4Assistance live chat software for websites provides the answers to the following questions: Which pages are most popular? How long do your visitors spend on each page? Where is your traffic coming from? Which keywords produce the best results? And much more...

image showing real time information available when using online chat software, includes map of location, date and time of visit

Real-Time Monitoring

Live Chat Software for websites allows you to observe the actual pages being viewed, the duration spent on each and whether each visit is a new or returning customer.

Location, Location, Location

Identify your visitors' region and country, and even display a map of their location to monitor regional marketing campaigns and delivery areas.

Identify Business Visitors

98% of B2B visitors don’t make contact! Identify and monitor which businesses have viewed your website, and turn anonymous visitors into sales leads.

Identify HOT LEADS

Categorising crucial pages with a simple colour transforms your live website activity information; at a glance, you can instantly identify important visitors as they browse your webpages. Website performance analysis is simplified with specific reporting of Hotspot activity.

Image showing real time information including hotspots when using live chat software for websites

IN DEPTH information

Advanced analytics modules are available for companies who require a deeper understanding of visitor behaviour, including on-demand and scheduled reporting to retrieve vital statistics and information.

Reports available within the Click4Assistance website chat software

Magnifying glass icon indicating indepth view of visitor behaviour available in the best live chat software

Understand Motivations

View and interrogate comprehensive information regarding specific visitors’ activities including navigational patterns, conversion tendencies and chat activity. This advanced investigative tool contributes valuable metrics for prospect identification, navigational behaviour tendencies and conversion drivers.

Shopping trolley icon indicating the ability to view conversions in real time when using live chat software for websites

Monitor Conversions

See which visitors have converted on your website. Automatically credit the operator responsible for closing the sale, highlight which keywords and referrers generate income, allowing you to compare conversion rates between traffic-generating methods.

Cog icon indicating the tools available for visitor behaviour when using Click4Assistance web chat software

Visitor Management System

Providing the tools to deliver behavioural intelligence to your organisation. Analysis of revenue generating navigational behaviour, audience segmentation, identification of reasons for contact and conversion patterns provide actionable insights for management initiatives.

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