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Getting Started Guide

Use this guide to take you through the first simple steps to implement and use the Click4Assistance software to achieve the best results from the solution

Setting up a free trial

Watch this short video for a quick run through on how to set up your free trial account of the Click4Assistance software.

Adding a chat button

This short video includes simple instructions on how to add a chat button to your website

Change Button Image

This short video includes simple instructions on how to change the chat button image.

Creating A Workflow

This short video includes simple instructions on how to create a new workflow.

Pre-Defined Replies

This short video includes simple instructions on how to create pre-defined replies.


Q. What details will I have to provide?
A. We need your name, phone number and email address for the system to create a ‘user’. Your email address will be used to form your log in credentials. We will also ask you to provide the domain name of the website that will use the solution. No Payment details are taken.

Q. Are there any restrictions during the free trial?
A. You have access to the full feature rich solution during the trial.

Q. How do I add Click4Assistance to my website?
A. Click4Assistance has been designed to be easily implemented within any website, simply create an account (we offer free 21 day no-obligation trial), download and install the software then log-in. Once logged in you can access a small piece of script to be copied into your website, which displays a chat button…. It’s as simple as that!

Q. Where should I place the chat button?
A. We recommend placing the chat button in a prominent location on every page of your website. Including the HTML script into a header or side navigation will replicate the button across all pages with just one insertion. Chat buttons can also be added to digital documents and emails etc – Ask our friendly team for more information.

Q. I have a number of websites; can it be used on them all?
A. Yes, the solution can be used on multiple websites that your company owns.

Q. Can I use it on more than one PC?
A. The software can be installed on any number of PCs as long as it has an internet connection, allowing you to resource the handling of chats throughout your office or even from home.

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