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Retailers Should Switch to Web Chat Software
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23 February 2015

Gemma Baker


Retailers Should Switch to Web Chat Software

Although web chat software adoption is growing steadily in the UK, it is still used by a relative minority of online retailers.  A recent report by Idealo estimated that only 14% of UK retail stores were using web chat software, compared to 18% across Europe. The slower uptake in the UK is, however, a surprising statistic. 

Live chat software is a natural development for online retailers and one that UK stores should be looking to implement more fully in 2015.  It gives internet stores the opportunity to provide 1-2-1 customer service directly at the point of sale and to avoid shopping cart abandonment wherever possible. 

This makes it a perfect fit for retail stores and an excellent alternative to more traditional forms of customer service

Even though web chat software receives great plaudits and recommendations wherever used, UK stores have remained slightly reticent on its usage – favouring instead the more traditional forms of contact such as email/contact form or telephone.

Research suggests retailers would benefit most from adding live chat software because of its high feedback ratings and also because of the fast-paced nature of internet shopping with many alternative stores available for many products.

Web chat software has been shown to outstrip both email and telephone for ease of use and customer satisfaction giving those retail stores that have implemented it a significant advantage.  This is despite a general lack of widespread usage amongst internet shoppers – with just 24% having used it to discuss customer service queries.

The suitability of a web chat widget for retailers is clear to see when analysing the reasons why customers that have used it rated it so positively.  Among the biggest reasons are its immediacy and speed of response to questions, the ability to multi-task i.e. continue to browse while chatting as well as its overall efficiency and ease of use.

Web chat software also has a further significant advantage for retailers with customers abroad who may be reluctant to telephone.  The opportunity to converse in real time to customers abroad is a real boon for international retailers.

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Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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