Superfast interactions with our live chat app

Timing is of great value on the Internet and we are sure you understand it better if you want to use our live chat app on your website. It is not that everybody is short of time – no, we have got plenty of time. It's just that on the Internet the attention span reduces to almost 0 and suddenly we have got a ton of things to do when we are logged on even when all we want to do is make a purchase. People will leave your website in a flick of a second. So when it comes to doing business online, every second counts and as the builders of one of the best live chat applications we totally understand this.

Live Chat App

A live chat app you can use on multiple devices

Can't stay in front of your computer or laptop all day? There is no need to worry. Since timeliness is of great importance, we have made sure that you can use our live chat facility on contemporary devices. You can run our live chat app on Android and Windows devises. Whether you're using a smart phone, a tablet or a computer, you can always be in touch with your visitors and customers.

The ergonomically designed interface of our live chat app seamlessly scales according to your screen size and all the necessary tabs and links are immediately available to you.

A live chat tool that works both while online or off-line

Worried that once you have our live chat tool running on your website you will constantly have to sit in front of your computer or monitor every visitor coming to your website? Although if you can do this (or your employees) nothing like it because every visitor is an opportunity, even when you cannot remain online all the time, our live chat widget continues to generate leads for you. It comes with a fully customisable contact form that people can use if they cannot chat with you in real-time. The contact form is an automated lead generation mechanism. When they leave a message for you they can fill in details like their email address, their name, phone number, and the nature of their enquiry.

When you are online, chat interactions can be initiated both ways. Your visitor can click the chat icon and start talking to you. Alternatively proactive invitations can be set up so that an image slides in front of the visitor asking if they need help, the proactives can be set up based on rules including what pages they are on and how long they have been on the website.

Through the customisation feature of our live chat app you can set different images for your online and off-line status.

Our live chat widget comes with enterprise-level security

We take your identity and confidentiality on the Internet very seriously this is why our live chat app is equipped with 256-bit encryption. All the interactions, all information exchanges are completely safe from prying eyes. If your customers add in their credit card details our live chat application will mask the details as our live chat facility is completely secure. Want to exchange confidential documents? Yes, this can be done without a problem. Want to keep your interactions perpetually confidential? They remain that way.

Install our live chat app with little fuss

Whether you want to install our live chat tool on your server. All you have to do is register on our website – and run the setup link. That's it. You are ready to roll. So don't wait. Start using our live chat app from this very moment. You will be amazed by the results you get.

Live Chat App

Live Chat App