Installingchat support software is the best thing you can do to your website

Chat support software from Click4Assistance isn't just a fancy widget to impress your visitors, although visitors do get impressed when you have equality chat software for business running on your website. In fact more than 82% visitors in a survey expressed that they are more inclined towards doing business with a website that has chat support software compared to those that don't. But that's another issue. Aside from changing the overall perception of your website, by giving an ability to chat with you, you also establish an atmosphere of trust and reliability that can go a long way in establishing a loyal customer base.

The best thing about having business chat software running on your website is that it shows positive results immediately. Unlike many other aspects of your website you don't have to wait for weeks and months in order to see how effective a particular change has been. From the word go you can start providing exceptional support service to your visitors as well as existing customers and clients through your chat software for business.

Chat Support Software

Our chat support software demystifies complicated web analytics data

Web analytics data tells you from where people come to your website, what sort of language they speak, from which website or search engine they have come to your website, which pages they have visited on your website and how much time they have spent on individual pages. Such data can be difficult to interpret when you use a dedicated web analytics tool, but this is not the case when you use the toolbox that comes with our chat support software.

Our web analytics interface included in our chat software for website is extremely easy to integrate. You are shown only those details that matter. Before initiating a chat conversation with one of the visitors or customers, you need to have some details with you. These details are provided in an easy-to-follow tabular format. Each visitor that you are tracking has his or her own dedicated tab. Information such as what keywords the person used before coming to your website, currently on which page the person is, and how much time he or she has spent on individual sections can be invaluable. You already know pretty much everything about the person you're going to have a chat with.

Business chat software that redefines after-sales support

The thought of getting support from a company used to make people wary. The thought of being kept on hold for scores of minutes or having to wait for the email reply for more than 48 hours were a big put off. The problem was not that the various companies were not eager to provide better support services. The problem was financially and humanly it was not possible to attend to all customer service calls during a given period of time.

Our chat software for website completely alters the situation in your favour. You or your chat agent can handle three chats at a time using our corporate chat software. It is like suddenly you have hired two more people for every one support person you have. Without incurring the additional cost and investing in extra infrastructure, you have practically tripled your support staff.

When you have a chat icon on your website people immediately want to connect with you. Whether it is a genuine need or simple curiosity, the important thing is, people want to reach out to you and when they reach out to you, having corporate chat software on your website is a very good chance for you to engage with your visitors and establish a long-term relationship with them.

Chat support software that is extremely easy to install

You can install the chat support software from Click4Assistance right now. All you have to do is download the trial version (no financial commitment needed) Simply download the software (no technical know-how needed) and just in a matter of a few minutes you can start providing exceptional support using our business chat software.

Chat Support Software