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Keeping up with Technology…Or at least Trying To!
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15 August 2016

Gemma Baker


Keeping up with Technology…Or at least Trying To!

Microsoft is constantly updating their office 365 – especially Outlook! It’s outpacing employees’ and customers’ ability to keep up!


According to a new study by customer experience specialist; ‘’, which surveyed more than 200 Microsoft partners worldwide, partners are now seeing new opportunities to step in and provide the help for companies to keep up. Even with Office 365 being the most popular enterprise cloud service, the study shows that the cloud is still a growth area. Over 25% of partners say cloud migration will account more than half their business by 2017!

The concerns over security and updates happening too quickly have been raised by Microsoft users. Companies may be looking for solutions that are consumed easier, therefore partners are seeing a prospect to build user-friendly solutions around Office 365. The pace of change outstrips the ability for companies to keep up and take in the change to train their staff; and Microsoft Professional Services is experiencing challenges to keep up with the pace. The report suggests this is contributing to partners having fewer concerns about Microsoft Professional Services as a competitor – only 26% view competition from the group as a major challenge, decreasing by 38% since 2015.


Microsoft 365 live chat software


It’s important for people to adapt to change in general and if they’re not used it, it can give them a negative outlook on the situation resulting in them not being able to complete tasks. Although, change can help people in the long term, they may need additional support in order to help them adapt. Whether you’re at home or in the office, it’s vitally important to have materials that are going to help with whatever you’re doing. Why have a toolbox with no tools?

Look for a solution that support your training needs

  • Having tutorials on Youtube may help some individuals - depending on their method of instruction intake - as videos and audios can easily be paused when completing tasks in step by step action.

  • Offer professional group training encouraging a wider pool of knowledge, opinions and team work.

  • One to one training means that the trainer and employee can revisit areas that they’re not sure on.

The Click4Assistance solution updates are implemented outside of normal UK working hours, ensuring no interruption to service. And as the solution is fully hosted, all updates are automatic, so companies don’t need to worry about taking time out of their schedule to implement new applications. These updates will include small changes such as new features or reports. We also offer onsite training with our account managers or support engineers at any time, to talk to individuals or a group of staff in detail about the solution, explaining the features and processes within the software.

For more information on live chat software, contact our dedicated account managers on 0845 123 5871 or email us at 

Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with experience in copy and original writing, Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.


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Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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